3 Flying Pigs Limited trading as Flying Pigs adhere to these policies and procedures. The purpose of these policies and procedures is to:

  • provide a guideline for the wellbeing and safety of the youth attending the programme
  • provide information about the programme and its operations
  • communicate policies and procedures for parents/caregivers, sub-contractors and staff to ensure the programme can meet its objectives
  • set procedures to be followed to ensure consistency of application

Copies of these policies will be made available to parents/caregivers and staff at all times. These policies will be updated as required to reflect current practice and reviewed bi-annually.


This programme is a journey of self-discovery for each and every participant. We are committed to providing the best opportunity we can to allow the participant to develop their character and leadership. In order for us to be able to do this, the participant must have made the commitment to take part. Our aim is to have everyone on the programme by choice, and if the participant does not want to stay on the programme, we request the parent/guardian of the participant, remove the participant so as not to compromise the experience of others.

The participant agrees to:

  • Inform any member of 3 Flying Pigs Limited or associated facilitator of any medication I am taking that is not on my medical form
  • Comply with all safety instructions given
  • Respect the facilitators and other participants
  • Not use offensive language towards any facilitator or participant
  • Not use any threatening behaviour toward any facilitator or participant
  • Not to engage in sexual activity during the programme
  • Not post any images or comments on any social media site that may give a negative impression of 3 Flying Pigs Limited
  • During the course of the programme refrain from using personal devices (eg. Mobile phones, camera, ipod) unless otherwise permitted by the programme facilitators.


Health and Wellbeing


Your safety and welfare is our primary concern, however you do participate at your own risk and we do not accept liability for any injury or loss. Note: there are times during your course when you will not be under the direct supervision of staff eg. Lunch breaks

Smoke, drug & alcohol free

3 Flying Pigs Limited has a strict no-smoking policy. No alcohol or non-prescription drugs are permitted.

Personal Items

3 Flying Pigs Limited cannot be held responsible for any damage to property or belongings brought to the programme. You should arrange for your own insurance of these items.


Personal Information

Your personal information will be held confidential to 3 Flying Pigs Limited or any companies sub contracted by 3 Flying Pigs Limited to provide services, in accordance with the Privacy Act (1993), for the purposes of this programme and associated administration, including promotional activities.

You have the right to see all information held by 3 Flying Pigs Limited and may ask at any time for that information to be corrected.

Promotional Material

You authorise 3 Flying Pigs Limited to use your name, comments and images (video footage or photographs) that are obtained in relation to your participation in any 3 Flying Pigs programme in any and all media and to disclose this information to third parties for marketing and public relations purposes; these materials will remain the property of 3 Flying Pigs Limited. Please note this does not include general photos taken by participants on their own devices eg. Phone, camera, but please respect the wishes of other participants when taking any photos.


Maximum programme size for the October programme is 40 teens. Enrolment is based on a first come first served basis. Enrolment will be confirmed by email after receipt of payment.

Confirmation of your enrolment is subject to approval from 3 Flying Pigs Limited (trading as Flying Pigs). This is to ensure your safety, the safety of others, and quality course outcomes for all.

Costs (Incl. GST)

1 Teen:

2-3 Teens:

4+ Teens:





Full payment is required 2 weeks before the programme start date. Fees are in NZ dollars and are GST inclusive.


Your programme fee, is refundable up to 7 days before the programme start date.


After this time, your full fee is not transferrable or refundable. Cancellations must be received in writing.


If participants depart early or are sent home from the programme, the fee is not transferrable or refundable.