She was buzzing at the end of each day. It took her out of her comfort zone and gave her a massive boost to find that she could do just that, and nothing bad happened, indeed the opposite happened and she had a wonderful time. I can’t thank you enough.
The girls really enjoyed it, and as a Mum it was so nice to have them out of their rooms, off the internet, and out doing things - took away a lot of my 'bad mother' syndrome I get when working whilst the girls are on holiday.
He got exposed to new situations that broadened his horizons and confidence
They came back each day buzzing with ideas and excitement and loved every moment. The tone you and the presenters set was engaging and respectful. To be in an environment that was so different has given their sense of self a real boost.
We fought over her attendance for days before hand and she was adamant she was going to hate it. She went into it with the wrong attitude and came out with the right attitude. It was fantastic talking to her at the end of each day and having her so animated and excited about what she had done.
How cool is it for your teenager to come home and want to talk about her day, and a lot too! How much more cool is it when what she has to say is really interesting at an adult level!
First thing Holly said when she hopped in the car was 'can we go and do that next time they run it'...can't get much better feedback than having teenagers wanting to do something again!